The best way to acquire new customers is through the high intent traffic coming to your website. ConvertProof’s exit intent widget tracks a user’s movements on a page and prompts an event (like a popup) when it detects a visitor is about to leave the site.

1. Click “Exit Intent Capture” under the available Widget section.

Click on the ‘+’ Sign to create a new Exit Intent Widget

Enter a name for this widget to get started. this will help you easily identfy this widget later. The select if the Widget would display on a specific page or all the pages. Cilck on ‘Next’

Once you click on Next, you are taken to a page where you can sort the testimonials by either selecting: Manually Select Reviews, Top 3 Customer reviews or Top  Customer 5 reviews. Click on ‘Save and Next’ once you make your choice.

Fill in the informations you want your users to see. You can also offer them a Bonus for taking action.

Congratulations!!! Your Exit Intent Widget have been successfully created.


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