1. Click on ‘Websites’ on your Dashboard

a. Click on one of your pre-existing websites or install a new one.

2. Copy the ConvertProof Pixel Code.

Drag & Drop Leadpages and Leadboxes Integration

Here’s where you can install your ConvertProof Pixel code in the Drag & Drop Leadpages and Leadboxes:

1. Create or open a Drag & Drop Leadpage or Leadbox where you’d like to install your code.
2. Click Page Tracking / Leadbox Tracking in the left sidebar, then select Analytics.
3. Paste your pixel code in one of the fields provided, according to instructions from your analytics service provider.
4. Click Save, then Update your page or Leadbox.


NOTE: In Leadpages, codes pasted into the <body> section of a Leadbox will always appear at the beginning of the <body> section.


Standard Builder

You can paste ConvertProof Pixel onto any Standard Leadpage or opt-in form. Here’s how:

1. Open an existing Standard Leadpage, or create a new one.
2. In the builder, click Lead Page Options in the left sidebar, then select Tracking Codes.

3. Paste your code in the head or body section, then click ‘Done’.

4. Click ‘Save’ in the top-right corner.


To add ConvertProof Pixel Code to a form, follow the steps below.

1. Open your form (which can be part of a Leadpage or a standalone Standard Leadbox).
2. Click Tracking Code in the left sidebar.

3. Paste your Pixel in either the “Extra head” or “Extra body” section, then click ‘Okay’. Click ‘Okay’ again to save your form changes.

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