For you to successfully setup your Whitelabel, you need to set your CNAME records from your CPANEL.


Creation of Your Custom Domain Name

You can setup a white labelled domain for for your Agency License through a CNAME record. This will be the unique domain name you want your client to use. Like example.yourdomainname.com or yourproof.yourdomainname.com. When your client visits your.yourdomainname.com or whatever you used, it will take them to your white label version of ConvertProof with your logo and branding.

To create the CNAME you must connect to your domain name panel and create a CNAME record named “subdomain” (or whatever you want to use) which will have app.convertproof.com as its destination.

This tutorial will illustrate for cPanel Users.

Login to your Cpanel
Click on “Simple DNS Zone Editor”

1. Input your  subdomain in the space for name
2. In the space for CNAME or Record, enter “app.convertproof.com”
3. And submit. (Click Add CNAME Record)

It can take a few minutes to hours hours for CNAME to propagate in all DNS zones.

Two ways to know it has been propagated.
1.) When you visit your CNAME (e.g sub.yourdomain.com) you are redirected to app.convertproof.com login page or dashboard.

2.) Do A DNS Check
If you want to be sure your CNAME is properly set globally, just check your CNAME record with this tool:
Enter the chosen URL of your CNAME, in our example sub.yourdomain.com, then choose CNAME, and click “search”,

If it doesn’t show http://www.app.convertproof.com as the result on all the country zones, that means it has not finish propagating. If it does not show at all, it means you have not created your CNAME or you are not creating the CNAME at the right place (your domain name may be managed by another panel). If this persist, contact your hosting company or domain registrar.


From your ConvertProof Dashboard, Click on the ‘Whitelabel’ Tab  as indicated above. When you have done that, provide all the informations. Then click ‘Save’

Click Here to learn how to create and manage clients.

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