ConvertProof provides you with the ability to Automatically capture conversion activities from your Worpdress website.

Follow the steps below to integrate your wordpress installation with convertproof

1. Click on ‘Websites’ on your Dashboard

a. Click on one of your pre-existing websites or install a new one.

b. Click on ‘Notifications’

You would see a dashboard that contains that contains Activities, Settings and Tracking Source.

2. Click on ‘Tracking Source, after then Click on ‘Add  Source’

b. Select ‘WordPress’ from the dropdown. Follow the on-Screen instruction and download the ConvertProof Pixel Manager Plugin

3. Download and install Convertproof Pixel Manager Plugin by clicking the button below

Installing The ConvertProof Plugin

a. On your wordpress Dashboard, Click on ‘Plugins’

b. Click on ‘Add New’

c. Goto below and Click on ‘Chose File’


d. Select the Zip file name ‘convertproof-pixel-code-manager’  inside the folder you downloaded from ConvertProof and upload it.

e. Click on ‘Install Now’

e. Activate the Plugin after you have uploaded it.



4. Embedding Your ConvertProof Pixel: Copy Your Convertproof Pixel from within your websites tab and paste inot your plugin as indicated below

a. Click on the Convertproof Menu item on your WordPress Dashboard

At this point you can confortably paste your convertproof pixel code into the Plugin and select the desired pages you want your notifications to display on.

b. At the top of the page, click on add new Snippet and input the required informations.


c. Copy your ConvertProof Pixel from your ConvertProof Dashboard

d. Paste the ConvertProof Pixel Code into the ConvertProof WordPress Plugin


Click on ‘Save’ and excite your visitors with activity notifications.

Last Update: September 19, 2018  

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